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Best of 2012

These left a mark this year.

Music: The Mars Volta - Nocturniquet, Anathema - Weather systems, Crystal Casltes - III

Books: Kurt Vonnegut - Slaughterhouse 5, Daniel Suarez - Daemon, Daniel Suarez - Freedom

Movies: Moonrise kingdom, A prophet, Sightseers

Water lilies

Very beautiful and atmospheric soundtrack!

Old Abram Brown

Old Abram Brown is dead and gone
You'll never see him more
He used to wear a long brown coat
That buttoned down before

Best of 2011

Here is some kind of short personal best of 2011.

Music: US Christmas - Eat the low dogs, US Christmas - Run thick in the night, Manes - How the world came to an end, Manes - Vilosophe

Books: Michel Houellebecq - Karte und Gebiet, Ernst Jünger - Annäherungen

Movies: The devil and Daniel Johnston, Harvie Krumpet, Pan's labyrinth


One of the greatest bands this planet has ever seen. They have also incredible live visuals during their concerts. This is one of them.