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The newborn sailor

At night we were drowning
Mesmerized by your songs
We were lured
Into the maze of your love

When the drop of life bursts
An ocean of joy
And freedom for the newborn sailor

Through aeons of time
Our eyes were smothered by the sun
Now even in the dark we see
Wanton light steers us no more
Eyeless we sailed

When the drop of life bursts
An ocean of joy
And freedom for the newborn sailor

When father was away on business

I just watched the very good movie When father was away on business by Emir Kusturica. It is about the confusing years in former Yugoslavia after Tito broke up with Stalin. These kind of movies are shown here in Budapest in the national film archive/museum. I am going very often to this cinema since I am here. Tomorrow they show Bicycle thieves. Another movie which I always wanted to watch.

Man on wire

I just saw the great documentary man on wire about the fascinating Philippe Petit who walked on a tightrope between the former towers of the World Trade Center in 400 meter altitude!


If you want to know why your imagination is sometimes going wild and why the US-government has to nuke our imagination, then watch the "imaginationland" trilogy of South Park (Season 11 - Episode 10-12)!

Mio fratello è un figlio unico

Tonight I went to the cinema. I watched "Mein Bruder ist ein Einzelkind" (Mio fratello è un figlio unico) - a really good movie about the political situation and especially the relationship of two brothers in Southern Italy around the sixties. Because everyone else watched the football game between Germany and Austria I was the only one in the whole auditorium!

new year, new blog

My provider had some server problems some weeks ago. There were also problems with the backup (of the database), so I have lost my blog entries. That means I will start from scratch. Tomorrow a new year begins and before I start my first entry I wish everyone a happy and peaceful new year. Because the year is almost over I will give my personal "playlist" of 2007. I have attended only three concerts in 2007, but all three were really good:
  1. Wooven Hand (06/07 in Budapest)
  2. Bohren und der Club of Gore (01/07 in Budapest)
  3. Ortega (11/07 in Berlin)
I have been in cinemas in Budapest regularly and saw some good movies. To be honest I do not remember all the names because they generally were in Hungarian. Here are three movies I liked:
  1. Az álom tudománya (The science of sleep)
  2. The fountain
  3. 4 Monate, 3 Wochen, 2 Tage
This is only an extract. There were other good ones like Zodiac, The wind that shakes the barley, Babel,... And here are my three music discoveries. I won't state records only the composer/bands: My greatest discovery this year were the records of Nicholas Lens. My second discovery this year was Wooven Hand. I knew 16 Horsepower for years, but somehow I didn't check out Woven Hand until this year. And during the last weeks I got to know and listened often to Choir Of Young Believers.