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new year, new blog

My provider had some server problems some weeks ago. There were also problems with the backup (of the database), so I have lost my blog entries. That means I will start from scratch. Tomorrow a new year begins and before I start my first entry I wish everyone a happy and peaceful new year. Because the year is almost over I will give my personal "playlist" of 2007. I have attended only three concerts in 2007, but all three were really good:

  1. Wooven Hand (06/07 in Budapest)
  2. Bohren und der Club of Gore (01/07 in Budapest)
  3. Ortega (11/07 in Berlin)

I have been in cinemas in Budapest regularly and saw some good movies. To be honest I do not remember all the names because they generally were in Hungarian. Here are three movies I liked:

  1. Az álom tudománya (The science of sleep)
  2. The fountain
  3. 4 Monate, 3 Wochen, 2 Tage This is only an extract. There were other good ones like Zodiac, The wind that shakes the barley, Babel,...

And here are my three discoveries concerning music! I won't state records only the composer/bands: My greatest discovery this year were the records of Nicholas Lens. My second discovery this year was Wooven Hand. I knew 16 Horsepower for years, but somehow I didn't check out Woven Hand until this year. And during the last weeks I got to know and listened often to Choir Of Young Believers.


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